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Cleaning Technician

Westminster, Colorado

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Welcome to the Kingdom of Clean Queen Maid Service of Westminster!

Here, we believe in treating everyone like royalty—and that includes our extraordinary team! Together, we strive for excellence and growth, and we find success as we work toward our shared goals.

As our kingdom continues to grow, we’re guided by our core values of thoroughness, efficiency, stellar communication, optimism, and reliability. By committing to those values, we’ve built a supportive environment where our employees will thrive and know they’re valued members of our royal family.

What Matters to Us:

- A genuine sense of camaraderie bonds us, and we support each other on the path toward success.

- Celebrating wins together is important, and you’ll be recognized and appreciated for what you do.

- Smiles are our secret weapon, and we wield them with pride and grace.

- Work-life balance is key, and we want you to live and experience life outside of work.

- Late or evening shifts aren’t how we do things, and you’ll be home for dinner with your loved ones.

- We value your independence, and we trust you to take the reins—but support is always nearby.

- Your feedback and ideas are always welcome because it’s how we strengthen and grow together.

- Opportunities to advance into new roles abound when you shine and show your drive.

- Our core values are the pillars of our kingdom, guiding us in every journey we take.

Our Core Values:

- Thoroughness: We’re committed to meeting expectations and leaving no stone unturned.

- Efficiency: Let’s excel at using our time wisely while keeping the big picture at the forefront.

- Communication: Clarity and openness are essential for collaboration and growth.

- Optimistic Attitude: We radiate positive energy and genuinely enjoy the work we do.

- Reliability: Being the superhero our team and customers can always count on is how we succeed.

Who and What We’re Looking For:

- An optimistic and bright attitude that can light up the darkest dungeons.

- Impeccable reliability, always ready to show your dedication and dependability.

- A clear and honest communicator who can build valuable relationships.

- Bringing a human touch to every task, leaving a valuable impression on all you do.

- Leading with true care and compassion, seeking to improve the lives of others.

- An independent problem solver who enjoys coming up with creative solutions.

- Taking pride in your work and finding fulfillment in transforming spaces.

- Ambitious and driven, always seeking new ways to climb the ladder of success.

Working at Clean Queen means finding joy and a deep sense of accomplishment when making a difference in people's lives. We also make sure our employees have the opportunity to grow and see their progress while being part of an honest and transparent environment.

At the end of the day, we thrive on the happiness of our people, and we do everything in our power to make their lives easier. Apply now to join our royal family, and tell us how you’ll help us rule the world of sparkling, clean spaces!

About the Job:

- Must have a reliable vehicle and a valid driver's license

- Must be comfortable working independently

- No experience in house cleaning is necessary – we will train and guide you along the way

- Hard work and motivation are a MUST!

- Reliable Phone

- Must be willing to undergo a drug test as part of the requirements for the job.

- House cleaning can be tiring: must be able to consistently lift 20 lbs, bend, kneel, and twist while performing the necessary cleaning duties throughout the day.

- Must be willing to provide criminal and background check

- Ability to work in a team or solo

- Drive to and from locations based on scheduling

- Clean reachable areas in houses or businesses with the use of a three-step ladder

- Keep equipment clean and always in ready-to-use conditions

- Attention to details


Treating everyone like royalty through kindness and compassionate service.


We are thorough, efficient and value communication, reliability and optimistic attitudes.


We strive for excellence and growth, and we find success as we work toward our shared goals.


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No need to. You can just submit the form online!

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Do You Offer Any Benefits or Incentives?

We are always striving to offer the very best job opportunities in the local area and always looking to add more benefits! We currently offer:

Medical, Dental, and vision insurance

Life insurance

Simple IRA Retirement Plan

Paid time off

Costco membership

Free oil change every 6 months

Weekly paychecks


Fuel Reimbursement ( $0.30 / mile)

Water World corporate discounts

Direct deposit

Birthday celebrations

Anniversary celebrations

Quarterly outings to celebrate reached goals